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måndag, november 28, 2005

Welcome to Christmas party - December 14th

Gothenburg Toastmasters Club is following the tradition and are ending this season with a festive Christmas meeting. We have found a very nice and cosy place with a fantastic view and will serve welcome drinks and a nice buffet dinner with wine.

The “Theme” for the evening will naturally be Christmas past, present or future and we will also practise speeches and toasts in a dinner setting like we did last year.

We would like to ask all the members who are participating to try and put in something about Christmas, Cristmas time or New Year. A few suggestions....

What is your first, worst or funniest memory of Christmas? Your best christmas present and why? Bad memory of New Years Evening that turned out great before midnight?

Where: Linneplatsen 5-6. The Door Bell is marked Föreningslokal
When: December 14 at 18.00
Cost: 200;- for Food and Wine
Pay to: Bank Giro 5171-6496 state your Name.

All members with spouses and other guests are welcome to join us. Sign up by sending a mail to
Jeanette, we need you to do so as soon as you can to plan for drinks, food and surprises.

onsdag, augusti 31, 2005

Division G - Fall Conference - Humorous Speech Contest and the Table Topics Contest

The Division G Conference will be held in Gothenburg on Saturday 29th of October 2005.

The theme for the conference is "First Impressions".

Our Division Governor is looking for speakers to give educational seminars around the theme First Impressions. First Impressions in a speech and business world is all about how we walk and talk, what we wear, those first 30 seconds in front of a crowd. If you have any members that may be able to offer an educational session under the theme "First Impressions" then please let the Division Governor know.

söndag, juli 10, 2005

Have a nice summer

Hi all

Vacations has started and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. It is time to travel, see you loved ones, enjoy long light nights with bbq and laughter, read that book you had no time to read or merely relax.

Recharge your batteries, so you are ready for the new season of Toastmastering that starts the 17th of August at Hotel Odin in Odinsgatan 6, our new sponsor.

Myself is going to work most of the summer, but today i am free and are soon going to take the bus out to Marstrand for a day out in the sun, and at the same time looking at the finals in Swedish Match Racing and sosialize.

Have a fantastic vacation and I hope to see you again in August.

tisdag, maj 31, 2005

Hurra!!! We have the best website

At the 2005 District Spring Conference in Amsterdam this weekend. Gothenburg Toastmasters won the price having the best website in the whole District 59. Our Newsletter the Newsmaster got a 2nd price.

We are proud that we won and came second but want to do better, so we will continue to work with improvements on both Website and Newsletter to hold our position in the next competition.

We aim for the stars...

Webmaster Gothenburg Toastmasters Club

Congratulations Gothenburg Toastmasters Club

Congratulations to the Gothenburg Toastmasters club for achieving 9 points in the distinguished club plan. And for the fourth year in a row, achieving the goal with still three months of the Toastmaster year is a great achievement, well done to all the members and the clubs board members. All we need is 2 more CTMs and we have reached all our 10 goals, so keep speaking.

The Gothenburg club is going to vote on a new name of the club, so as to get away from the Toastmaster name, not that we do not want to be a member of the Toastmaster group, it is a well established and well proven educational programme. But in Scandinavia the Word Toastmasters gives the wrong image.

It was suggested that the new name would be Premier Speaker’s club, but it looks as if the name of Gothenburg speakers club will be voted in as the new name.

Why is that premiere speakers did not get the response expected? What does Premier mean? Number one, the top, first the best, ect;

I wanted the name Premier because I think that Gothenburg is the best club in Scandinavia, if it was not the best club then I would not be a member.

It seems to be Swedish thing not to want to stand out and say you are the best and that average is good. I am not Swedish and so average is not good enough for me.

By adopting the name of Premier the club would stand out in the crowd, it would give its members something to live up to, we may be the best today but we would have to maintain that level of quality in the future.

So fellow Toastmasters the name Premier Speakers will not be taken up by a club in Scandinavia, and most likely the name Gothenburg Speakers Club will go forward. I hope the banal name will not reflect on the club as just another speakers club in my opinion the club deserves more.

Posted by Richard Gothenburg to Speak your mind at 4/25/2005 12:11:06 PM

lördag, april 16, 2005

The online diary

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